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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Curry Rivel Community Website | RSPB Report |

Curry Rivel Community Website | RSPB Report | Hedges, Year      Click on this link to visit the RSPB report on the Curry Rivel Village web site.

Since starting this Blog the village we live in has set up a community web site and of course we had to have a wildlife section to stimulate interest in the local environment. As a result we have been posting information about our Somerset Wildlife Trust local area group. Other relevant items like a letter to our MP on the subject of new planning proposals have been added. Recently the local RSPB office have been adding posts of their own so that the Wildlife Section of the web site has begun to broaden its content. That's a very good development.
If you use the link shown above you can see for yourself their recent posts.

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