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Friday, April 08, 2016

Butterfly Conservation April news letter and Somerset Moth Group.

Continuing my quick review of my favourite conservation groups here is the into to the April  news letter from Butterfly Conservation:

Dear David, hello and welcome to April's ‘all aflutter’.
The official start of British Summer Time (BST) has blessed us with more daylight hours to enjoy the great outdoors but, if you're heading out, remember the start of BST doesn't necessarily mean the start of the sunny weather. This month we look at how last year’s cool summer made life difficult for our butterflies. The Secret Gardener reveals why the humble rockery can prove a wildlife haven. We introduce the April Fritillary and we find out why one of our conservationists is pounding the pavement of the capital to save butterflies and moths.

Links to the group are :,44HAV,4B4HIB,EZ4UA,1

Here in Somerset we have several specialist study groups which includes Somerset Moth Group. Link here to their web site:


Plantlife International

A follow up to my last post.

Here is a link to the latest newsletter from Plantlife for the month of April:

Visit their web site on this link. -