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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Goldilocks Enigma

You may be someone like me feeling my way in the wonderful world of computers and new fangled things like Blogs! Everything seemed to be going as well as could be expected until I took expert advice and changed my browser to Firefox. I did so because I was experiencing a problem with Internet Explorer which started to shut down whilst I was looking at web sites for no obvious reason. Firefox does have some good features and I shall continue with it now I have overcome my latest difficulty.
I changed browsers on Oct 11th and in the next few days made two new posts on the blog.
Neither posts appeared to be published and I tried various ways to find why as they both appeared in Dashboard. This morning I received a comment on the Goldilocks Enigma post which was a surprise because I thought it hadn't been put on the web. Checking the Blogger help web page I found a reference to pop up problems with Firefox. Lo and behold going to Tools/Options/Content and entering the blogger web address and ticking boxes has now allowed my computer to see my own blog. So if you find yourself bewildered by computers I know how you feel.

Now about the comment which you can read by clicking where it says "1 comment" at the bottom of the post concerned. Its good to get comments otherwise you can get very lonely just typing away for your own amusement!

"island" has given me food for thought and I've followed the links to see much more on this subject. However I don't follow the logic in this sentence:

"So the implication is that global warming is an inherently instinctive tendency that progressively offsets the cumulative effect of glaciation that normally sends the Earth into the 100,000 year long ice-age that we are currently overdue for."

If man is by his own actions changing the atmosphere then this can not be classed as an instinctive tendency on the part of the earth as a whole.

And in this sentence: "So the implication is that we will reach a level of technological development that enables us to take advantage of the next most difficult energy-form, right *about* the time that we run out of oil."

It seems that this might be seen as clutching at straws and putting all your faith in technical salvation and giving ourselves the freedom to continue with our lifestyles as if nothing need trouble us.

I hope that makes sense.