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Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring review

Moth resting inside the water mill building.

Primroses at the Somerton water mill.

Spring time at the old water mill at Somerton.

Our group blog needs a spring review which can look at format and content. Its relatively easy to cherry pick news items from the many sources available which includes information from the SWT,newspapers such as the Times, Guardian, Independent, web site run by NGO's, blogs such as those linked on this blog and the BBC.
As editor I can pick and choose items that catch my interest and they may be directly wildlife or by association like climate change. I have been trying to include my own photographs and others by agreement and I think they add a lot to the interest. My camera had to be sent away for repairs which has stopped my photographic exploits but all is well again so one or two more will be added. The photo's shown above were taken during a visit to a 17century water mill near Somerton last week.
Most people who have commented directly or indirectly have said they find the blog of interests but it seems difficult to widen the audience locally which is a prime purpose. However it can also claim to be an important record over time of our group development as well as a means of communication.
Looking at similar forms of e communications it may be a better idea to see this blog as a diary using the model of Mark Mardell's European Diary which he publishes each week on a Thursday. It has the benefit of allowing a week to collect information and data and photographs and time to compose a more thoughtful report. It would be a high standard to aim for for so much the better. Perhaps I should set myself a date like March 22nd for my next post!