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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Government Consultation on the natural environment. No 4

I've just looked through all the questions in the Governments consultation document and quite honestly I will find it very hard to come up with sensible answers.
I got to  the the last one which is :

Question 15: If you could choose just one priority action for the Natural Environment White Paper
to drive forward locally, nationally or internationally – what would it be?

 I'm attending a meeting of the Somerset Wildlife Trust on Tuesday and I hope to get some guidance to bring to my Blog and to help me make a sensible submission on behalf of our local Area Group of the SWT.

The deadline for public responses is in 34 days time on Oct 30th!

Curry Rivel Community Website | Autumn glory | Stunning, Rose

Here is my recent posting of autumnal photos on our local community web site.Click on the link shown below.
The post showed an unusual growth on a self seeded wild rose growing in our local meadow new hedge. I now have the following explanation:

The growth on your rose is caused by a small gall wasp belonging to the Family Cynipidae. These galls are commonly known as Robin's pin cushions!
I'll add the photo here now.

Curry Rivel Community Website | Autumn glory | Stunning, Rose

There seems to be a problem getting to see the photos which are on a Picasa Web Album and not on the local web site at the moment. Please use this link here to view.
Or use this URL :  

As usual I found myself wondering what this Robins Pin Cushion was all about so Wiki gave me a great deal of information. Click here for the link.