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Sunday, April 09, 2017

CR WSG weekly report on Eastfield 2/17

The second survey report

CRWSG Eastfield Survey Report 2/17
Time 1700 hrs    6.4.17  Fine sunny day breezy.

Walking down Holdens Way to Eastfield its worth noticing that the  vegetation on the verge is growing strongly. Cow Parsley is flowering and Hogweed is showing quite spectacular growth and flowering is not far away. The old hedge, perhaps ancient, has recovered from a rather rough cut back and layering some time ago and is  now regrowing.  From the gate you can see a noticeable difference in the look of the meadow.  Cowslips have sprung up clear of the grasses and many more have appeared in all areas. The well  established clump of flowers near the Electricity pole half way along the southern side catch your eye,  bright and cheerful. This clump is always protected from any mowing or other activity by the pole and its supports. Buttercups are not as showy as the cowslips but have also risen clear of the grasses and are evenly distributed  across the meadow. Walking round the mown path these changes can be seen in more detail. Vetches are noticeable now and should be flowering soon. Even in the mown path cowslips have grown up and are flowering. I haven’t mentioned the Dandelions so far but of course they are everywhere fully open in the sunshine and looking like miniature sunflowers.
A pleasant change this time is to see a Peacock and a Speckled Wood butterfly,  flying back and forth in front of the Blackthorn hedge. Here there is a particularly  numerous display of Cowslips.  There will be many other species of butterflies to look out for in the weeks ahead.