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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blog Problem

There appears to be a problem with the layout of my Blog. If anyone can think why it has suddenly changed its layout please let me know!

2nd Aug and I'm still trying to work out what happened and I still cant get the layout back to where it was a week ago. It may be because of the new templates and preview arrangements that something has changed and its all a bit puzzling. It doesn't seem to have happened to my other Blog.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Heart of the Levels Wildlife Watch Club - Picasa Web Albums

Our new Watch Club for children and their parents is running well now. We are continuing to promote it through local schools and expect the numbers attending to pick up after the summer holidays.

Here are a few photographs of our last session .

Heart of the Levels Wildlife Watch Club - Picasa Web Albums

Carl Sagan

Now here's a challenge for you.

Carl Sagan was a very distinguished and respected scientist. You can read up about his life and work on Wiki, which I have just done. What I found surprising was that he had spent a lot of time in using the media in all its forms to communicate about science. This included musical adventures, perhaps experiments might be nearer the mark!

This is in tune with our recent Arts and Wildlife Workshop which aimed to encourage a creative approach to wildlife. 

The challenge is to visit a Blog and view a You Tube clip in a recent post and to comment.  (Here is a  link )

Then if you want to find out more about the production of the video and about Carl Sagan you can go to this web site:

Monday, July 12, 2010

2020 Vision : For a wilder Britain

Is anyone involved in this project. Click on the link for more info

2020 Vision : For a wilder Britain

Latest Sightings

The photograph shows John with the rare moth during the field visit. See note below.

Click on this link to go to the Moth Group web site     Latest Sightings

This is a link to the Somerset Moth Group web site where they show a quite rare moth which was found and photographed by John Bebbington on a visit to Fivehead Arable Fields nature reserve. Its called a Celypha rosaceana. The same species ( perhaps even the same moth!!) was found in the field again yesterday during out Group vist to look at the arable "weeds".

Wildlife in Somerset

You will see from this brief report which I have just submitted for publication in the Trusts magazine that we have been quite busy. My Blog has been neglected as a consequence. Life of course continues to make its demands regardless of wildlife or blogging!
I hope to include a photo or two from some of these events eventually.

Heart of the Levels summer highlights.

 “International Year of Biodiversity  2010”

Now in our 5th year our Group has staged some rewarding wildlife events. We enjoyed a great spring flower walk with a new leader in Beer Wood. Anne Bebbington opened our eyes to its wonderful woodland flora.
Our new Wildlife Watch Club opened in Hambridge.  Children will gain an enthusiastic introduction to wildlife through practical and fun activities.
On June 27 our third and most rewarding Arts and Wildlife Workshop so far engrossed 16 members for a day in Isle Abbotts. A walk along the River Isle for observation and ideas generated creative nature writing, stunning photographic images, painting and sketching.
Our Botany Study Group committed itself to continue for another year to develop our understanding of the structure and characteristics of wild flowers.
Anne and John Bebbington gave us a treat on 11th July by leading our visit to the Fivehead Arable Fields to find 22 special flowering plants many of which are becoming rare or even facing extinction.  It was very satisfying to know that we and the Ilminster Group had joined with many others to support the  management of this  important SSSI reserve.