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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A photo a day Jan 11th to Jan 15th

All a bit time consuming, this photo a day lark.  Trying to keep up with it as a record of things happening in our garden. The middle of winter is a hard time to start but it is surprising just what nature is busy doing despite the cold. So here are another batch.


 This is the first snowdrop found in a corner of the garden. -Jan11th

This lonely crocus was showing in the lawn and a bit tattered. - Jan12th

The weather forecast was spot on and it was foggy across the levels of Somerset. - Jan13th

The next day was quite a different picture and frosty. - Jan14th

In the middle of our lawn in a spot from where it will have to be removed this thistle has been steadily getting established. This takes us to 15th Jan.