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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Reserve visit and group organization.

At last I managed to find it ! Grid references can be a bit confusing.
The photos show the access to Fivehead Arable Fields. There is limited parking at the entrance to the fields. Also shown is a view of the flowers and plants which fill the whole area.

Details of the reserve on the SWT web site at:

Meanwhile behind the scenes there are lots of things to think about and we need the committee to meet to get a consensus of opinion.
We hope to meet on Thursday 20th July and on the agenda will be:

Report on Somerton Festival Group representation.
Support for our meetings in Sept, Oct and Nov.
Trust open day in the Bishop's Palace Gardens at Wells Cathedral and our involvement on Sept 24th.
Summer visits to reserves for familiarization. 3 down and 12 to go.
Next Somerset WildlifeTrust magazine and our contribution. Issue date August.
Our group web site ( in the form of this Blog). How to get others to join in and comment.

Organization of contacts with local members

As a general comment we are still looking for more helpers either on the committee or to join in organisation of specific events.

Offers by E.mail to :