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Friday, January 08, 2010

BBC Breathing Spaces

Photo by Mike Cook.

Here's a lovely photo of a Goldfinch taken by a neighbour, showing some of the recent snow. It may be the same bird which feeds on Niger seed in our garden too. We often have three or four birds at a time. The night time temperature has been down to minus 5 or 6 C over the last few nights. How do these birds stand it?

I get a regular newsletter from the Breathing Spaces team and its a good reminder of the many events and activities going on in the wildlife world. Even if you cant get to any of them they are still good value for activity ideas.
So here is a link to their newsletter web site. Click here.

And here is the full BBC Breathing spaces web site. Click here

Chris Sperring MBE: Best Wishes to all for 2010

This bitterly cold weather ( might be regarded as climate change but not to be confused with global warming!) is causing a lot of problems for people getting out and about. I had to make a special trip to buy bird food. I am also concerned that it might stop people coming to our next public meeting on Jan 14th. Fingers crossed that conditions might have eased by then.
I have just visited Cris Sperring's Blog to see what is going on in the Hawk and Owl world.
He has a wonderful photograph of an Owl of course which is worth seeing. I blogged his last post , (link below) which I found full of good things to look forward to in 2010 so here it is. I recommend it to keep you up to date.
Click on this link:
Chris Sperring MBE: Best Wishes to all for 2010