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Friday, July 21, 2006

Nature Reserve visits

Photo of Babcary Meadows taken by Emma Daniel. The grass was cut recently in the meadows so all I could see yesterday was neatly rolled up bales of hay. I must get there in June next year.

For anybody not familiar with the location of the Trust Reserves, finding them and the access to them is sometimes a bit frustrating. At the moment it feels a bit like train spotting as I am making good progress in my task of visiting the 14 reserves which are within reasonable reach of our local area. All the Somerset Trust reserves can be found listed at:
I am visiting 14 of them: Aller & Beer Woods;Babcary Meadows;Boon's Copse;Dundon Beacon;Gilling Down;Fivehead Arable Fields; Great Breach Wood; New Hill & Tannager;Perry Meade;Prospect Field;South Hill; Thurbear Wood; Green Down and Catcott Heath.
This week my total has reached 10 but mostly with only enough time to check out general location and extent, access and parking.
Many of them are also SSSI's and so the English Nature web site is helpful as well. Their web site is:
The experience has made me realise that there are many issues to be considered before we, as a local group of enthusiastic amateurs, can hope to run successful walks and visits to these reserves. Joining an escorted visit led by a reserve manager is probably the best option in the short term.