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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A photo a day Jan 21st to Jan 25th

Its a lovely bright sunny morning today  but at mid day the air temperature is still 0 C. We did make sure there was some food out yesterday for the garden birds who of course make the most of our offering.

This next group of photos continues to record very basic observations walking around the garden. Its clear that many plants are making progress despite the short hours of sunlight and low temperatures so plenty of activity is going on but its a bit difficult to find ways to show it. I might try a time sequence of photographs  of a plant taken from the same point each day but that would be a bit boring really!

 This bunch of Snowdrops has opened fully now. I think you can identify the species by the green markings on the petals but I'm not sure enough to name them!  Jan 21st

 I like taking photos of the sun rise which is always changing depending on the cloud formations,mist and fog at this time of year. Sometimes the sky is criss- crossed by vapour trails which is either good news or bad depending on your point of view.  It certainly changes the natural patterns illuminated by the sun. Jan 22nd
 This bunch of winter flowering Aconites was looking quite defensive having had to withstand a significant shower of rain.  Jan 23rd

The rain left  some attractive views of water drops  such as this leaf stalk on a climber which could I'm sure produce a much more impressive photo than mine. The drop does act as a lens and it should be possible to see a picture through the droplet. I must try again. Jan 24th

Some gardeners would be going along to their garden centre to buy spray on poison to eradicate this lichen which I suddenly noticed because we have been doing some pruning of shrubs. Its on the underside of a dead branch so I had to get low down to get this picture.It looks spectacular to me. What do you think?  Jan 25th