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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Batty Piece , a natural meadow in Somerset

The  excitement of finding "ordinary" nature prospering in our meadow nature reserve.
Two visits over the last two days have found a Small Blue and Large Skipper, Grass Vetchling and most pleasing the first of this years Bee Orchid. Here are some of them yesterday. What you cant hear is that in the sunshine and with little wind there were many bees and flies buzzing around and a few butterflies. So they are still alive and well in Somerset!

Population growth and the natural world.

Recommended reading and watching!

Mary Colwell-Hector 

 ( Profile:    Mary Colwell-Hector )

"I'm am fascinated by the relationship between people and the natural world. Everything informs everything else - there are no boxes, just life."

Shared Planet starts tomorrow  ( 10 June) - the first in a 30 part series for Radio 4 - and I am one of the producers.  It is being presented by Monty Don who is thoughtful and passionate about conservation. It is an ambitious and huge ranging series that examines the relationship between the growing human population and wildlife.