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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Curry Rivel Wildlife Survey Group weekly reports April / May

Emails between members of Curry Rivel Wildlife Survey Group.  ( edited)

I will walk Eastfield each week and report what my untrained eye observes. We're away some of the time in the next few weeks but I shall do my best.
I'm on Nightingale listening!

Thanks David and Liz for joining us yesterday.
You can double your bird count, David! I have attached a spreadsheet showing what we saw, when. Catherine, her niece, and I continued on up to the fields above us this morning, and on into the woods on the scarp. We saw some different species, as you might expect. In total, 33 species over the two days.
I will log that on the wildlife map.

It looks like the swallows are properly back now; I saw a group of them on the telephone wires on Dyers Road by the Church Lane junction, where they usually hang out in the summer.
The orchids are on the top part of the road,  about half way along, on the southern side (nearest the village). Yes, spotty leaves, and there are a dozen or more of them. You have to look carefully amongst all the bluebells there. Lots of yellowhammers along that lane too, as usual. And two or three skylark territories. 

On 14/04/2017 15:15, David German wrote:
First one reported ! No spotted leaves though? Was it a single specimen?  Thats the lane up from Dyers Lane?
Our first 2017 CR WSG early morning bird spotting walk went well this morning  Waiting for Matts record of the number heard and seen for most. Expect it was about 15 or so!
Will record the orchid. Wish we had it on Batty Piece or Eastfield.  Maybe too dry for us.
On 14 Apr 2017, at 13:31, Paul wrote:

My first Orchid 
On the lane to Woods


Happy Easter

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Butterfly collector of almost extinct butterflies is convicted.

As a member of Butterfly Conservation I would like to share this report from their web site.
One of the sites mentioned is in the area covered by Heart of the Levels Area Group of the Somerset Wildlife Trust and is one of our favourite local sites.

Try this link:

Sunday, April 09, 2017

CR WSG weekly report on Eastfield 2/17

The second survey report

CRWSG Eastfield Survey Report 2/17
Time 1700 hrs    6.4.17  Fine sunny day breezy.

Walking down Holdens Way to Eastfield its worth noticing that the  vegetation on the verge is growing strongly. Cow Parsley is flowering and Hogweed is showing quite spectacular growth and flowering is not far away. The old hedge, perhaps ancient, has recovered from a rather rough cut back and layering some time ago and is  now regrowing.  From the gate you can see a noticeable difference in the look of the meadow.  Cowslips have sprung up clear of the grasses and many more have appeared in all areas. The well  established clump of flowers near the Electricity pole half way along the southern side catch your eye,  bright and cheerful. This clump is always protected from any mowing or other activity by the pole and its supports. Buttercups are not as showy as the cowslips but have also risen clear of the grasses and are evenly distributed  across the meadow. Walking round the mown path these changes can be seen in more detail. Vetches are noticeable now and should be flowering soon. Even in the mown path cowslips have grown up and are flowering. I haven’t mentioned the Dandelions so far but of course they are everywhere fully open in the sunshine and looking like miniature sunflowers.
A pleasant change this time is to see a Peacock and a Speckled Wood butterfly,  flying back and forth in front of the Blackthorn hedge. Here there is a particularly  numerous display of Cowslips.  There will be many other species of butterflies to look out for in the weeks ahead.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Curry Rivel Wildlife Survey.

I recently sent out this note to members of the Curry Rivel Wildlife Survey Group

Dear all,
From time to time I do a walk around check on Batty Piece to monitor wildlife in general. I’ve just done the same for Eastfield. The result was encouraging. I take a note pad with me and  briefly note what I see.  As its Britain in Bloom this year I hope to do the same once a week from now on. Yesterday in the sun, obviously everything is growing and looking good. 
The newly mown path round the field and across the middle gives a good view of all sectors of the field. Prominent are the Cowslips growing and just flowering in all areas but more densely evident in large patches at both ends.The Blackthorn hedge is looking splendid at the East end with the whole width of the field aglow with the white blossom. A good crop of sloes should follow.Along the south side the new hedge with its severn native species is also showing plenty of fresh growth and will display a range of flowers and fruit as we go into the summer.. The hedge was trimmed back earlier this year with a number of species left to grow on as hedge trees. Bird life should benefit.
Buttercups are  flowering in all areas of the meadow.
My rough notes will be retained dated and time of walk noted which will give us a comparison from year to year. Photographs will be an importanf supporting element of the. record
If anyone would like to join me we can find a suitable time and two pairs of eyes and ears will be useful.
Hoping to hear our Nightingale soon!