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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A photo a day Feb 20th to Feb 25th

Now we have moved into March every plant in the garden seems to be really starting its growing season and the animals and insects are on the move. The weather is a mixture of sunny days some warm and others with a cold wind.  This next set of photos shows some more of that change over from winter.

Last years nest. Survived the winter storms. Watched a lone pigeon spend some time in and around the nest but has not come back to it.  Feb 20th

Severn-spot Ladybird, Coccinella 7-punctata. Sheltering it seems. Beautiful markings on the bark! Feb 21st

Hart's - tongue Fern , Phyllitis scolopendrium. Growing in the top of an old well . Feb 22nd

Compere with Lichen shown Jan25? What species is this?  Feb 23rd

Great Crane Project Aller Moor. See write up in separate post.  "borrowed" a 300mm lens  to take this. Feb 24th

New growth in wild garden. What on earth is this?  Feb 25th