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Friday, June 12, 2009

Art and Wildlife workshop. Preview

Our Art and Wildlife Workshop this year takes place on July 4th and 18th.

Art Project 2008. Having taken this photo I tried my hand at sitting on edge of the river and sketching. My art work was not photographed so can't be shown, thankfully. However the experience was quite surprisingly satisfying. I may try my hand at sketching again at this years workshop in July.

The photograph below is of a landscape painting by an accomplished artist which showed how a similar landscape could be interpreted.

All forms of artistic interpretation will be encouraged with guidance from Jenny Graham.

Local Group news

Somerset Wildlife Trust. Local Group News.

June 2009

Our wildlife group was busy in May with a cider apple orchard walk including a ploughman’s lunch and a glass of cider. The orchard has its own resident deer, ponds, beehives and birdlife. If you were not in the 40 or so visitors this year look out for next summer’s event.

In May, 72 members of the Private Nature Reserve Network which is run by the Trust attended a one day workshop in Drayton village hall to learn about the wildlife value of ponds. An excellent lunch was provided by Angela Davidge, a local resident. We ended with an escorted visit to John Leach’s pond at Muchelney to see dragonflies and much else.

Early in June we gave a talk to the Somerton Arthritis Care group to explain the work of the Wildlife Trust and our local group. Ease of access to reserves was highlighted as important.

The 9th June was the start of the Kingfisher Project which we support. Eight local schools visit a local field, courtesy of Henry and Richard Lang. Each school has a 2 hr session during the four day project. Our local primary school sent the first group of 30 children to explore the hedges and wildflower meadow. Experts were there to lead a search for bugs, beetles, spiders and to talk about owls, small mammals, bees, wildflowers and grasses. Each School creates a project display for later judging.

For the second year we are running our Art and Wildlife workshops on July 4th and July 18th. Jenny Graham, a well known Somerset artist will help us look at the countryside and wildlife through artist’s eyes. Our challenge is to capture our own artistic interpretations in drawing, photography, creative writing or some other way. Perhaps this year someone will compose music! By the time you read this there may still be a chance to join us.

For information email me.