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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Botany for Botanical Artists

The detailed construction of a wild flower is well shown in this photograph taken by John Bebbington of the Yellow Archangel.

 It's a good illustration of the detail needed to be able to translate nature into a drawing or painting.
Its good to be able to give some publicity to a workshop to investigate this form of art.. Our local group of the Wildlife Trust has had the benefit of working with Dr Anne Bebbington for two years now and we wish her latest  venture every success described in outline below.

'Botany for Botanical Artists'

'Botany for Botanical Artists' is an informal course especially suitable for people with some experience of illustrating, who want to explore and enjoy the intricacies of plant structure, function and development. A successful pilot of 10 sessions was run from September 2010 – July 2011

Course tutors Anne Bebbington and Mary Brewin, together with their students, invite you to see an exhibition of their work and hear more about the course, how it might be shared more widely
and even how you could become involved in the future if you wish.

To be held at: Nature in Art, Twigworth, Gloucestershire GL2 9PA

All enquiries for this workshop should be addressed to Sue Nicholls by email at:
Please use form shown below to confirm your interest. By clicking on the form you can increase its size.

With the support of the Institue for Analytical Plant Illustration.
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