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Friday, October 26, 2012

Donald Trump and Neighbourhood Planning.

I've just watched a programme about how Donald Trump has moved heaven and earth  ( and half of Scotland's most valuable coastal sand dunes) to start building a new housing estate and two golf courses  despite informed opposition.  I see it as a classic case of wealthy developers finding a way round the normal rules. Its shows how the interests of a global property developer can override environmental considerations and local opposition on the basis of doubtful estimates of economic gain and as a result, obtain planning permission.
Here is a link to view the BBC2 programme:

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You can get further information from here:      here  or use this URL:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jersey Tiger moth. Euplagia quadripunctaria.

Apologies for the break in posting on this Blog, all down to the usual excuses, too many to list!

However today I received my regular email from Somerset Wildlife Trust giving me a selection of recent photos of nature subjects. One in particular caught my attention and the URL below is a link to the SWT Flickr account. Its shows a moth but taken from an unusual angle which made me doubt the identification until I had worked out what I was seeing.

For comparison I have added my own view of the moth seen flying during the day in our very small wildlife garden.  Looks a bit worn !

Jersey Tiger  Euplagia quadripunctaria.

And here is another link to the SWT collection showing a better looking specimen: