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Monday, April 03, 2017

Curry Rivel Wildlife Survey.

I recently sent out this note to members of the Curry Rivel Wildlife Survey Group

Dear all,
From time to time I do a walk around check on Batty Piece to monitor wildlife in general. I’ve just done the same for Eastfield. The result was encouraging. I take a note pad with me and  briefly note what I see.  As its Britain in Bloom this year I hope to do the same once a week from now on. Yesterday in the sun, obviously everything is growing and looking good. 
The newly mown path round the field and across the middle gives a good view of all sectors of the field. Prominent are the Cowslips growing and just flowering in all areas but more densely evident in large patches at both ends.The Blackthorn hedge is looking splendid at the East end with the whole width of the field aglow with the white blossom. A good crop of sloes should follow.Along the south side the new hedge with its severn native species is also showing plenty of fresh growth and will display a range of flowers and fruit as we go into the summer.. The hedge was trimmed back earlier this year with a number of species left to grow on as hedge trees. Bird life should benefit.
Buttercups are  flowering in all areas of the meadow.
My rough notes will be retained dated and time of walk noted which will give us a comparison from year to year. Photographs will be an importanf supporting element of the. record
If anyone would like to join me we can find a suitable time and two pairs of eyes and ears will be useful.
Hoping to hear our Nightingale soon!