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Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've copied this from an email and its lost some format but I'll leave it here and see if I can do something about it!

Some extracts from our SWT e letter 

September News

Liz for vol ebulletin
Liz Francis - Volunteering Administrator, Somerset Wildlife Trust

It's been a busy couple of months!

Thanks to all those of you who have supported the Trust's surveys
and events over the summer.  Despite the weather's best efforts
at sabotage our volunteers have yet again shown they won't be beaten!
Those of you who fulfil key volunteer roles for SWT will be receiving
a letter from us in the next couple of months with a key volunteer
agreement to sign and return.  If you have any questions about this
please speak to your main contact at SWT or contact Janet Keeble,
Community and Volunteering Manager, who we have recently welcomed
back from maternity leave:  
In this edition of the volunteer e-newsletter we've got some great updates
from various volunteer groups throughout the county. 
If you are thinking of getting involved with a group but haven't yet
taken the first step we've got a number of ways you can start. 
What are you waiting for?

Help us protect important habitats within Somerset 

The Sedgemoor Conservation Volunteers are an established group who

 carry out practical tasks on a wide range of nature reserves.

They have a couple of dates coming up on SWT reserves; Sunday 23rd September at Great Breach Wood where they will be clearing glades of cut grass, and Sunday 7th October at Westhay Moor where they will be removing scrub. 

 Details of how to get involved are here.  

 SCVs 2012
 The Sedgemoor Conservation Volunteers

The East Poldens Conservation Volunteers are a small friendly group who are keen to expand and welcome new faces No experience needed, just
enthusiasm and a desire to help SWT on their nature reserves.
For more information and to book please contact Mark: or 01823 652408.  

Mark Green
Mark Green, Reserve Manager


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marine Life in Lyme Bay.

Our next public meeting is on thursday September 20th in Somerton at 7.30 pm till about 9 .00 pm
United Reform Church Hall.


Marine Life in Lyme Bay.

Peter Glanville shares some of his images of and observations on the marine life in this area.

Tea and coffee available.

All welcome;

£2.50 contribution to cost of hire of the hall.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Meadow crisis over!

Update on my previous post.

A bit of luck led us to a farmer who has the right size of equipment and has  now already cut our field last Thursday, back yesterday to turn the grass over and so it should be baled and removed soon.
Not many butterflies flying now!! Scabious cut down still in flower but many had already seeded. They always come back and even spread.
Took some photos of berries on new hedge for the Somerset Hedge Group photography competition but not expecting to show in the winners list!

The photos below show the baling in progress.

 After turning to dry out the grass it was then turned a second time to pile it into ridges ready for baling

This seems to be a Slow Worm caught out in the open  during the hay cutting or the subsequent  turning. It appeared undamaged but also seems quite dead. Also found a dead shrew.

 About a quarter of the field had less grass than the rest.

This is the relatively small tractor and baler.

Hay now baled. For comparison he collected 20 bales on the adjacent field owned by the local Council and 18 on our slightly smaller field. All done in dry weather in four days.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Meadow crisis

Meadow crisis.

Problems with getting the hay cut!

Have just finished pulling Ragwort.

Contractors who do hay cutting are using such large machines , year by year getting bigger that our 4 acre meadow is now too small to be worth while.
Our gate onto a small lane is not big enough for the machine to get in the field or to get a trailer in to take away the bales.
Probably because we have encouraged Yellow Rattle, in some parts of the field the grass is described as just weeds !  ( weeds indeed!)
Maybe it could be better used for silage?
What about topping it. I think that means just cutting but not baling and removing.
Possibly because we have had a wet summer grasses everywhere have been growing strongly so our small field is not very appealing for hay making.

Now looking for a plan B or C.

Will keep you posted.