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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mark Avery

I just wanted to bring this writer and Blogger to your notice. More later

The story about a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo in Australia.

Anyone using the Internet gets a lot of emails , some from friends and some not so friendly.
I often ignore them and just delete even from friends because I just don't have time to look at everything.

But if I do look I often try to find out more about the content because they often don't have the name of the originator or any reference and I have just done so to find out where this story came from.

I'm telling you all this because the email does contain a series of lovely photos showing an injured female cockatoo , rescued after a road accident,  wing amputated, kept in a cage but still attracted a passing wild male bird and eventually with the helpful rescuer raised a couple of offspring! To find out the source of the story use the link below.   You'll see there is even a book about the story!

I don't know how to share the email with you but this is one of the pictures it contained. I might just add one photo with every post over the next few weeks.

It makes a good interlude after all the ongoing gloom and doom.