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Monday, November 20, 2006

Stop the Chaos rally

press releases: Climate Chaos: Hottest Issue, Coolest Event of the Year


STOP CLIMATE CHAOS: 25,000 gather in Trafalgar Square, London
‘I Count’ event: Saturday 4th November, Trafalgar Square

More than 25,000 people packed Trafalgar Square and closed surrounding roads today to make their voices count, each one calling for urgent action on climate change.

The carnival-like event was the first of its sort for ‘I Count’ - an unprecedented and rapidly growing public campaign which brings together a huge range of supporters from the Women’s Institute members to Razorlight.

Tens of thousands of ‘I Count’ supporters travelled from across the UK, some by bike, canoe, on foot and even in biofuel green taxis to highlight what many believe to be the greatest man-made threat ever. Surfers Against Sewage arrived wearing wetsuits and carrying surf boards.

The I Count Campaign calls on the UK government to provide:-
• Action internationally: ensure that global greenhouse gas emissions are irreversibly declining by 2015.
• Action for justice: deliver assistance to developing countries to adapt to climate change and give access to clean energy to meet their developmental needs.
• Action in the UK: introduce a Climate Bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 3% per year.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shopping over the internet can raise money for the Trust

I've been checking out the Trusts shopping link and because it seems a good idea here is some information to help you look for yourself.
Shopping over the internet is growing in popularity and if you wish to let the Trust benefit all you need to do is to start from the Trusts web page as shown below.

Click here to go to their web site.

Many of the big names can be accessed from this web site. By using this link from the Trusts web site the retailer automatically registers your purchase and makes a small contribution to the Trust. If all internet shoppers in Somerset used this device it would add hundreds of pounds to the Trusts finances. Look for the "Buy At" link.

Help raise funds for our vital conservation work by shopping on the internet.

Click here to visit 'Buy At', where you can purchase gifts from retailers including Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Amazon and earn the Trust commission at the same time. And don't leave without visiting our shop where you can 'Adopt a Dormouse'

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Climate Change news

A feature of producing a blog is that it reflects the interests of the blogger. What I am finding interesting is the wide ranging views and debates in progress around the world on global warming and climate change. Here are some brief reviews of two of today's news stories.

As you may know a world conference on this subject has just ended in Nairobi. Run by the United Nations and called the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. ( UNFCCC) This particular meeting is called the COP12. That is short hand for the 12th Conference of the 189 parties(countries) to the UNFCCC. To no doubt save aviation fuel it is also the COP/MOP2. That is the 2nd meeting of the 166 parties to the Kyoto Protocol. This complex organizational nightmare was of course all started back in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit.

Here is an extract from a BBC report shown on their web site at

Last Updated: Saturday, 18 November 2006, 18:42 GMT
Climate talks a tricky business
By Richard Black
Environment correspondent, BBC News website, Nairobi

"Busting the jargon

So let us look behind the jargon of COPs and COP/MOPs and SBSTAs and Ad-hoc Working Groups and Joint Implementation and Base Years - believe me, I could go on - and look at what the Nairobi talks actually agreed.

The headline outcomes include:

* a less than firm commitment to begin negotiations on further Kyoto Protocol emissions cuts in 2008, and no target date for concluding them - despite an acknowledgement that emissions need to fall by about 50% in the near future

* a decision that the protocol has been reviewed at this meeting, as its original wording demanded - many of us must have missed the review when we blinked

* a commitment to have a full review in two years' time

* an extension of work on technology transfer to the developing world, but only for a single year, which brought condemnation from the Chinese delegation

* agreement that Belarus can enter the Kyoto Protocol's trading mechanisms in a way which could allow it to make money without reducing emissions; this decision will have to be ratified

* a decision that carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects should not yet be eligible for money from the Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism

* agreement that the Adaptation Fund, a pot of money to help developing countries adapt to the impacts of climate change, should be primarily under the control of developing nations

Away from the main negotiations, a number of other initiatives were announced, the most striking being a UN fund to build capacity among African governments, enabling them better to bid for clean technology projects and protect against climate impacts."


Meanwhile the Independent newspaper has published an interview with Tony Blair in which he defends his governments progress in green issues. Here are some extracts from the article.

Blair: Who says I'm not green?
by Michael McCarthy, Environmental Editor
Published: 18 November 2006 Here is the web site address.

"Britain is seeking international agreement on a global target for stabilization of greenhouse gases, which would halt the progress of global warming, Tony Blair has told The Independent."

"The target Mr Blair and his officials have in mind would seek to halt the growth of greenhouse gases somewhere below 550ppm CO2e, perhaps between 500 and 550 - the figures are still being discussed, but 550 is regarded as the upper limit.
It would involve legally binding cutback agreements from those who signed up to it, and has been put forward by the UK to be taken on during the German presidency of the G8 next spring. The initiative - which has German support - would offer a major way forward for when Kyoto comes to an end in 2012."

"He also implicitly ruled out aviation taxes, another measure favoured by the green lobby, insisting that a much better way forward was to deal with aircraft emissions under the European Union's emissions trading scheme."

""I've given my view that if we want to deal with energy security and climate change, we've got to have the right policy for the future, and it's got to include nuclear.""

"Mr Blair also revealed that Britain would seek agreements to make future EU coal-fired power stations carbon neutral through improved technology."

"And he hinted that a planned Energy White Paper would address the issue of personal carbon allowances - the idea that each individual would have a carbon "budget" to spend on motor fuel, electricity and other activities that impact on the environment."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A talk about the facinating life of Dragonflies

Dr Mike Parr a local member of the Trust talked about his experiences in the UK and Africa whilst studying dragonflies. His often amusing accounts of the habits of these remakable creatures left us wanting to know more. Above is a photograph showing Dr Parr and our blog editor before the meeting started. Below is our press note sent to our local paper and we look forward to its publication.

"Members of a new wildlife group for the Langport, Somerton and Curry Rivel area became so engrossed in the topic of dragonflies at their latest meeting, they decided to go on a field trip to study the creatures in the summer.

Expert Dr Mike Parr told the Heart of the Levels group that the biggest threat to dragonflies and damselflies is habitat loss, followed by pollution, drainage, and road vehicles which kill “a lot”. But the Somerset Levels are a hotbed for certain types of these insects, he said.

So many people asked questions about the water-loving creatures – which predate the dinosaurs by “a long way” – that Dr Parr, who has spent much of his career studying the insects, offered to organise a field trip for members next July, a suggestion readily taken up by the meeting, in Curry Rivel."

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Green Power!!! "Stop the Climate Chaos" rally

As people travel to London today for the environmental rally in Trafalger Square I felt the least I could do was to offer my support and encouragement.
The daily papers are covering the event and I was impressed that the Daily Mail should publish good news photographs of the countryside looking at its best including views of the Somerset Levels ( my home ground and two of my local photos included above). The Independent gives details of the lead up gatherings and interviews with a 72 year old lady from the Bury St Edmonds WI alongside a comment from Johnny Borrell (no age given), the lead singer from Razorlight. That is covering the generations and social standpoints in a big way. They even mention our own local Wildlife Trust member Bill Butcher who has cycled all the way from Somerset to be there( I hope he has made it).
If anyone reading this has attended the rally or any other such event please share the experience with us.