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Thursday, November 16, 2006

A talk about the facinating life of Dragonflies

Dr Mike Parr a local member of the Trust talked about his experiences in the UK and Africa whilst studying dragonflies. His often amusing accounts of the habits of these remakable creatures left us wanting to know more. Above is a photograph showing Dr Parr and our blog editor before the meeting started. Below is our press note sent to our local paper and we look forward to its publication.

"Members of a new wildlife group for the Langport, Somerton and Curry Rivel area became so engrossed in the topic of dragonflies at their latest meeting, they decided to go on a field trip to study the creatures in the summer.

Expert Dr Mike Parr told the Heart of the Levels group that the biggest threat to dragonflies and damselflies is habitat loss, followed by pollution, drainage, and road vehicles which kill “a lot”. But the Somerset Levels are a hotbed for certain types of these insects, he said.

So many people asked questions about the water-loving creatures – which predate the dinosaurs by “a long way” – that Dr Parr, who has spent much of his career studying the insects, offered to organise a field trip for members next July, a suggestion readily taken up by the meeting, in Curry Rivel."

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