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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A May Fayre and visit to Aller Woods

Contrasting weather made a challenging weekend.
Sat morning saw 100% cloud cover and a cold breeze and even a spot or two of rain.
Somerton May Fayre was held for the first time and our group ran a stall to publicise our local group. We had quite a lot of interest and people took away membership application forms and some copies of various publications. Some existing members also visited the stall and some will be coming to the May 19th meeting . All in all a worthwhile effort on behalf of wild life!

Sunday morning was quite different. After some mist overnight and a drop in temperature the day warmed up well and I joined a guided walk in bright sunshine in Beer and Aller Wood. This is a Trust reserve and the walk was led by Peter Baker chairman of the reserve management committee. It was my first visit to this reserve.As usual a good guide is able to point out many interesting features along the walk that would not otherwise catch your attention. In particular a number of orchids, blue bells, speckled wood and green veined white butterflies, some funghi and much else. The walk took one and a half hours. Apart from the wild life there are spectacular views out over the levels
Parking is limited and depending on numbers of cars arriving, can be a problem. If of course you can arrive on foot there is no problem.

Some earlier posts on a duplicate blog now deleted

Posted 3rd April 2006.
It seems a good idea to start a blog to record some of the activities and events experienced in the process of set up a local conservation group.The opportunity to undertake such a task has been created by the policy being followed by a wildlife organisation which carries out much of its work through locally based volunteers.This blog joins the progress of the task at an early stage a few weeks before holding a public meeting to launch the group on its way and to find more people to help run it.

Posted 18th April 2006.
Since my last post some real progress has been made in finding a treasurer for our new group.A reminder about our first public meeting in May has been sent to several contacts in the local press.Posters to advertise the meeting have been ordered and should be with us in a few days to be placed in village halls, post offices and similar.It was a real pleasure to visit a local RSPB reserve over the Easter break to see herons and egrets nesting and hopefully rearing this years youngsters.