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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another visit to RHS Rosemoor

Whilst in the area last weekend we made another brief visit to RHS Rosemoor, at Great Torrington , North Devon. In my earlier blog on 27th October 2006 I talked about fungi and lichens I had seen there. Now in the spring time its very early in the growing season and the rose displays are all only a future dream. However perhaps because the vegetation was fairly sparse I noticed the insect shown in these photographs.

I'm convinced I haven't seen them before but if so it is just a lack of looking because they are apparently quite common. The are the Large bee-fly, Bombylius major as I have now discovered via the Internet. These photos are credited to: Keith Edkins: Here is a link to the web site.
Keith Edkins">

Just to reinforce my lack of observation as soon as I returned home and walked round our garden I immediately saw another specimen for the first time. They are fascinating creatures and like the humming bird hawk moth seen last summer amazing in their flight control for feeding.