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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Local wildlife news, wild orchids

We haven't heard from our nightingale for a couple of weeks now. and we don't know what has happened to it.

Early this morning about 5am noticed a fox out in the nearby field. Looked as if he was trying to find some food, even chasing after birds on the ground but unsuccessful. The usual group of rabbits was nowhere to be seen.

Mowing our front lawn I was looking out for signs of wild orchids and just in time I spotted one. See photo below. We found one last year also but in a different location. You can see in the photo that its leaves have been cut a little. That must have happened when I did an early cut on the lawn. The flower spike is intact and should be opening as a pyramidal orchid soon.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Nightingale interrupts live coverage of the UK election count!

I've edited this earlier post to bring our news up to date.

Whilst enjoying the all night TV coverage of the UK election I dragged myself away from the TV and went into the garden to listen for bird song. I was not disappointed. At 1am and again at 2am I found our local nightingale in full song and apparently much closer than previously. It was a  very satisfying experience and long may it continue.

I don't know anyone locally who has seen this bird but here is a summary of times we have heard it singing.

16.4.15 First report.
19.4.15 Night time walk at 2300 hrs confirms location.

Then heard daily until:

27.4.15 no reports then for nearly two weeks  till 7.5.15. Weather was cold and wet  during this time.
New report on 7.5.15 Election day!
Then heard daily up to present 11.5.15
We have made our own recording of the song using a mobile phone and last night using an iPad so we have a very clear and good record.  Using an App on the iPad we can compare the two recordings.

Links for more information:

On this site you can see a photo of a Nightingale and hopefully hear the bird song, if the link works!

Somerset Wildlife Trust. may_2012

We would be pleased if you would visit our new blog for the Heart of the Levels Wildlife local area group. The Groups official blog for information about our activities.:

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Another report of our Curry Rivel nightingale!

I had an email from a neighbour this morning saying they had just heard our nightingale again early this morning.They confirmed they hadn't heard it for two weeks which is my experience too. It seems its still alive and well and living in Curry Rivel!
I shall redouble my efforts to try to confirm this report.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Nightingale in Curry Rivel. The Phantom of the Opera.

Our special visitor arrived about mid April, sang every night for a couple of weeks but then the weather changed to wet and cold nights and the singing stopped. We haven't heard it for the last two weeks now. So did it move on, to somewhere more sheltered and warmer? Perhaps if it was looking for a mate and failed and  decided to go elsewhere?
We miss its cheerful bright song, all the more because it was remarkable to be out in the field , under the stars and with no traffic noise or aircraft and with a tiny bird to entertain us!
We never saw it in the dark and hidden in the top of an overgrown blackthorn hedge.
The Phantom of the Opera!