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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Curry Rivel's Wild Life Survey

Since I posted this report on our web site some time ago we have decided to change the title to Curry Rivel Wildlife Survey just to keep things simple! Our objective is still the same!

Here is a post I have just put on our Curry Rivel Facebook page which describes our continuing efforts to find out about wildlife in our parish and protect it.

Curry Rivel's Natural Health Service
How healthy is Curry Rivel’s natural environment? What makes the village a good place to live? Our parish is blessed with amazing natural surroundings, with sites of county, national and even international significance, which make the village an interesting, stimulating and  relaxing place to live. We would like to find out more about what's around us, and we are inviting you to join in our search.
We are a group of villagers who are interested in the natural environment. We don’t have a group name yet, but here are some of the things that we would like to do:
·        Map what is around us
·        Provide information to help with responses to planning applications
·        Share our  local knowledge
And here are some of the ways that we will do that:
·        Put a map on the Curry Rivel website, showing where the interesting plants and animals are
·        Ask people in the village to use their eyes and ears to help
·        Explore links with the Somerset Wildlife Trust

We are starting by focussing on hedgehogs. Do they occur in our parish? Are they increasing/decreasing in number? Please help us start by sending details of any sightings, alive or dead, in Curry Rivel parish in June or  July, with the place and time, to David German, at: