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Friday, August 10, 2012

Barcroft Hall- The Field of Dreams

The publicity given to the wild flowers sown on the Olympic Park is mirrored by the large numbers of people visiting Barcroft Hall. The Royal Horticultural Society provides some pictures showing parts of the  Olympic Park. Click here for the RHS web site:     or use this URL.

You can also see a list of plants sown in the Field of Dreams on the Barcroft Hall web site.

It was a bit cloudy this afternoon and some of the brightness of the flowers left the photographs.  The display was spectacular as last year. It appeared that the flowers were not so tall and maybe the planting density was a bit lower. That such a display should survive the earlier wet conditions is a tribute to the resilience of nature. There is much food for thought from the use of wild flower seed from around the world. I was pleased to see bees and other insects, on for instance the sunflowers, but not many butterflies but then the lack of the sunshine must have reduced the number flying as it does on our own native flower meadow.  

The separate field of sun flowers is perhaps the most visually dramatic image for me.

I was pleased to revist this year, almost on the same date as 2011. I certainly think if you are interested in wild flowers regardless of their normal habitat then a visit to see the display for yourself is recommended.
I hope the experiment continues next year and I will give some thought to making comment as Brian and Denise  Herrick have invited.  

Here are a few of my photos.

The first shows a child with a large collection of balloons running on a path through the field for the benefit of a professional photographer!  

The others show various views through the field.