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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A photo a day Feb 12th to Feb 19th

This next set of pictures illustrate mid Feb in and around our garden which has been a little wet at times and warmer.

This first one is a small plant in our wild patch, flowering quite early and possibly looks like Lung wort, Borage family? -Feb 12

At the side of our new pond I planted some herbs for no particular reason. This one has had coloured
leaves for some time now this winter.Thymus puleyioides ? -Feb13


Recently noticed some miniature daffodils probably grown in a pot and then discarded near the green house. Now flowering and ideal for cutting for the house! - Feb 14th

The sun was shining and I found this Ladybird enjoying the warmth no doubt.  Severn Spot . Feb 15th

Moved a bit of old trellis lying on the corner of the lawn and found a couple of these caterpillars laying underneath. No idea what species.- Feb 16th

On the same piece of old rotting trellis I noticed this odd fungi. It looks like one of the Coral type  species, Ramariaceae? Feb 17th

 I almost trod on this next species of Fungus which had found its way through a small crack in the concrete floor of the greenhouse. I think it may be a Bay Cup, Peziza badia. - Feb18th

Lastly in the group is this Greater Celandine. Chelidonium majus. Growing in our front garden after I collected some wild seed from a waste patch of ground in the village. Its very vigorous and spreads very quickly. It has small yellow flowers which produce a lot of seed!  - Feb 19th

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