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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A photo a day Jan16th to 20th

A rainy day to day, managed a few photos after the rain and taking the opportunity to update my Blog.

The small pond freezes over. 0 C  - Jan 16

The dragon fly bugs I photographed in August have been identified for me:
It looks to be a libellulid dragonfly larva, most probably Libellula depressa, the Broad-bodied Chaser.  I think your pond was in its first year last summer - is that correct?
It would be nice to know when it was actually filled with water.  This dragonfly is an early species (May) and a colonizer of new ponds.  So very likely your specimen was hatched out from an egg laid in May and had grown well and quickly thro' the summer.  The adult should emerge next spring i.e. in about 4 months all being well. "

I will be hoping to photograph the event!!       

Garryaceae elliptica fully in  flower-Jan 17

Rose picked in garden -Jan 18

Snowdrops in shade on east side of garden just opening  -Jan19

Probably Helleborus orientalis. Jan20

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  1. Not many people around to appreciate the small things. Wonderful photos!