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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Field Study Centres face closure

I have been passing this message on by Twitter and it may be of interest to Bloggers too. Its an extract from an email I received yesterday!

Use this link to view the youtube video produced by the Field Studies Council:

From: Steve Tilling []
Sent: 25 January 2012 10:46
To: Steve Tilling
Subject: Save Our Outdoor Education Centres

We have launched a petition to the government calling for them to protect outdoor education centres from imminent closure.

One in three Local Authority outdoor education centres are facing closure which could mean millions of young people are denied potentially life-changing experiences, at a time when health, physical activity and contact with nature are all declining.  Some children from poorer and disadvantaged groups may not have another opportunity to share a night away from home and visit places they would not otherwise see. 

The sad fact is that closure need not happen, in many cases given extra time these centres could become self sufficient.  If centres close they may not reopen again.

I'll add a link to see the petition a bit later.

This photo is nothing to do with the email above. I took it in a pub whilst having lunch the other day. Its a very good view of the parts of a flower. The sort of thing our Botany Group have been studying.

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