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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


One of the posts on this Blog which attracts the most searches is any reference to bats.
Not being a bat expert I usually visit the Somerset Bat Group web site or contact its members.
We recently arranged to go on a walk to inspect bat boxes and attempt to identify the species found flying by using detectors.

As well as learning a little more about bats I was surprised to find out that bat detector devices are used to search for grass hoppers and crickets!

Their web site gives details of their walks and events and has a photo gallery.

Their home page is at this link. Click here. 

Their photo gallery is here. 

One of the items on my " to do " list is to arrange a bat survey around our meadow and hedges. I also need to organise a moth count as well.

Hope this helps.

This is one animal I don't get to photograph!

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