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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Natural Choice. HM Goverment White Paper

Looking for a reaction from the Wild Life Trusts about this new legislation I found these videos on the subject.
If my photograph appears on top of the clip its just a layout problem I must sort out but dont let it put you off!
The Wildlife Trusts also make the following comments:

The Natural Environment White Paper - what happens next?
The much anticipated Natural Environment White Paper has been published. This marks the culmination of effort, pressure and engagement from The Wildlife Trusts and its members on Government to recognise the need to make the natural environment a priority. However, this pivotal moment just marks the first step of the journey on nature’s road to recovery.
In the build up to the 2010 General Election, The Wildlife Trusts called for a White Paper on the Natural Environment to identify the policy changes needed for nature’s recovery. We were delighted when the Coalition Government committed to produce a White Paper. A consultation over the summer 2010 resulted in Defra receiving more than 15,000 responses - the most a Government White Paper has ever received!
The Wildlife Trusts’ members were fundamental in demonstrating to the Government just how much people value their natural environment and that nature is worth protecting and restoring. Thank you for your engagement so far – it has made all the difference.
The Wildlife Trusts have pushed for Government to take leadership and to establish a framework to enable people and communities to value, and take action for, wildlife. We want to see the recovery and restoration of the natural environment happening everywhere in the UK.
We now need to keep up the pressure on Government to ensure they meet their commitments set out within the White Paper. Please continue to support The Wildlife Trusts at this exciting time, not only for wildlife and the natural environment but for each and every one of us, as we embark on nature’s road to recovery.

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