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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm often complaining that I rarely get comments on my posts.
So I was surprised to see this post by Anon today.
It relates to my post back in Sept 12th 2006 and is a very similar sighting.
What was also a coincidence was that a visitor to the blog in the USA was also searching on Google with a similar question at about the same time but left no comment. So here it is. If the writer would like to email me direct on the address given in the header it might be possible to get a little more information about the event.
Thanks for the comment.

Wildlife Conservation: Heart of the Levels Wildlife Group : Do bats fly in the middle of the day?

I saw a pipistrelle bat flying today (18th March 2008) at 13.15 hours near Pontypool in South Wales. The weather was cold and sunny

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