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Monday, September 04, 2006


Here are some photos of fungi taken in Somerset.

All these photos are copyright to Steve Dyer and were taken locally.

Top left: Red Cup
Top right: Wax Agaric Scarlet Hood
Middle left: unknown
Middle right: Hygricybe Ceracea
Bottom: Coprinus Domesticus

All photographs copyright Steve Dyer.

Now that we are into September and the summer is drawing to a close it will soon be time to join one of the organised walks to go looking for fungi. The woods in our area are often chosen for such fungi forays with experts on hand to help with identification. If you think I've got these names wrong please let me know by email!
A Fungus Foray is shown in the Somerset Wildlife Trust events diary on Sunday October 22 between 11AM and 3PM in the Beer and Aller Woods.

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