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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Comments on July 29th post

As you may have gathered I'm learning as I go with this blog. Uploading photos and getting the layout OK has taken a bit of time to sort out but is not too bad now I think! Comments I havent got organised yet mainly because the settings for comments are a bit difficult to follow for me at any rate.
So I am now resorting to pasting comments from Atholl which appear under my blog of 29th July, now in the archive section, and to which the comments apply. They give usefull local knowledge which is hard to acquire unless you spend some time walking the countryside. As an objective of posting messages about the reserves was to make it easier for members to visit the reserves the comments are most welcome.
PS Who is Atholl? My dictionary says Atholl is a district of central Scotland and "Atholl brose" is a mixture of whiskey and honey left to ferment before consumption!! Very useful on long walks no doubt. Intriguing.

Atholl said...
Perry Mead is a small reserve best visited in late spring or early summer. At this time of year the there are a mass of wild-flowers as can be seen from the photograph later on in David’s Blog. These are either harvested during Hay Making or eaten by the cattle that graze the reserve. On the north side of the reserve is the River Carey which though in the last few years has looked pretty much like a large ditch, floods the access road to Foddington when there are heavy rains. One result of this is that Perry Meade is sometimes quite waterlogged and there is even a mini rhyne in the middle. The public access footpath that is sign-posted in David’s photograph not only goes more or less along the river side to Lovington. It also joins up with another, which passes over the river onto the golf course, up to Wheathill and across both the railway-line and numerous fields to East Lydford. It’s quite a good varied, circular walk if you come back across the B3153 and down the lane towards Foddington. The other feature of note is the large Dew Pond to the east of the reserve. This has had in wet years, magnificent Bull rushes.

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