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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Christmas books!

 I usually get one or two books as a Christmas gift and this year I want to mention a book by Simon Barnes, called" Rewild Yourself". First published in 2018  but now in paperback. Chris Packham says "Such a good idea" and it is a really clever way of writing about nature especially how he introduces every chapter! Chapter one he calls "The Magic Tree" and I am already thinking of how I can use this intriguing tile to restart this new year. Butterflies are always in our garden and every year we admire them and I try to keep a count of the different species we see and it's a surprising number. Starting with Simon's " Magic Tree" which attracts butterflies and his starter list of six common butterflies I have added others which we have seen in our garden and I can add a further dozen and I'll list them in my next post!! 

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