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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wild Life Crime

Roger Dickey | Chairman Heart of the Level Group | 441458 273753 | 447973534282 |

Dear SWT Heart of the Levels supporter.
Our next talk is this coming Tuesday 14th March. Once again we gone for something a little different.
The subject that is very often overlooked, as crime statistics are mentioned, is wildlife crime – we all have our own views on what this means but it is a topic rarely reported in the Press unless it involves certain protected species, and even then hardly credits a mention. What actually is a wildlife crime, how much crime is there and is there anything we can do to help prevent it or indeed report it?
We are very fortunate to have Dave Pepper coming to speak to us on Tuesday, not only because he is a local police officer, but also because there are only a few Wildlife Crimes Officers in the county making him a bit of a rare breed.
I do hope to see you in the Parish Rooms at 7:30 pm for this talk with a difference.

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