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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Talk by Ed Drwett, Urban Peregrines.

Did you notice my deliberate mistake? Yes I left off the date of the meeting which is onTuesday 26th Jan 2016

Ed Drewitt is a professional naturalist, wildlife detective, learning consultant/trainer and broadcaster. He has been studying urban Peregrines for 17 years, specialising in colour ringing their chicks and identifying what they have been eating.

Ed spends a lot of his time showing people wildlife, specialising in teaching birdsong, and helping others to identify, appreciate and get hands on with nature. He also takes people around the world on holiday tours to see a variety of animals including whales, dolphins and a variety of birds.
(Quote from flier of his book Urban Peregrines)
As a local man coming from Bristol, much of his studies centre around Bristol and Bath and he is a member of Chew Valley Ringing Group where he regularly instructs on ringing courses.

 During his talk he will be revealing much more about why they are in our towns, what they are eating, and where young birds go once they leave the nest, with some fascinating surprises. The Parish Rooms, Market Square, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7NB Refreshments available prior to the talk. Suitable for wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. Members £2.50  Non Members £3.00.

There is a lot of information on the internet at RSPB and Wiki.

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