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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Nature in Art

I've come across the work of Carry Akroyd for some time now and I am on the distribution list for her newsletter  which has just arrived. You might find it interesting too. Here is an extract. You'll need to see the art work itself to fully appreciate it of course.The illustrations in the news letter don't copy as I had hoped into the Blog so you will need to visit her web site shown below:

Carry Akroyd
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The autumn trees are lovely this year. 
Another lovely thing is my NEW CALENDAR for 2016 and the surprising news that i now have an online sales facility on the website!

I have a solo show coming up at the Robert Fogell Gallery in Stamford. it runs from October 24th - November 14th.
 Rob is a wonderful sculptor and has created a beautiful gallery.

i have a group of works in The Natural Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. This exhibition opens on Wednesday 28th October and closes at 1pm on Sunday 8th November. I will be giving an illustrated talk at the Mall Galleries on Friday 6th November at 2.30pm, about my interest in the poet John Clare and how his writing has influenced a strong seam of my work.

if you would like an invitation to either of the above let me know.

meanwhile my John Clare series ‘Found in the Fields’ continues to tour Hampshire, currently it is at Andover until November 14th. After that it will go on to the Allen Gallery in Alton.

and upt’north, i will have a solo print show at the Leeds Craft and Design Centre which will run from 7th 
with good wishes

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Carry Akroyd
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