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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Draft Parish Plan . Instalment 2

This instalment shows the next three topics covered. I should point out that an editorial group will be pulling the whole document together so my contribution may get modified!

But first a couple of photos from our local meadow. A Bee Orchid ( Ophrys apifera ) and then the tiny lovely Grass Vetchling ( Lathyrus nisolia)  in front of the large clock formed by the pappuses of a Goatsbeard ( Trapopogon pretensis).

The Parish has a great opportunity to protect and improve biodiversity by appropriate management of Eastfield in line with SSDC and SCC policy. For example by creating a Community Orchard in a meadow already rich in wild Pyramidal and Bee Orchids and many other plants, insects and small mammals.
To raise awareness of its importance for the future of the Parish it's critical that people are involved in investigating and recording the biodiversity currently within the parish.
Records of sighting of all forms of wildlife should be collated via the record centre at the SWT. See annex for more information.
It's possible to explore most parts of the parish by footpath.
A map on the website or a paper copy with footpaths, wildlife notes, viewpoints, etc. should be produced.
It seems clear that there is a need for contact between local farmers and the village community to establish a better understanding of sometimes conflicting interests, Some kind of contact group should be set up.

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