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Monday, November 04, 2013

Area Group meeting

This is a beautiful plant which I saw growing at the side of one of our local water ways  , its called Flowering Rush ( Butomus umbellatus ) Its in my top ten of local wild flowers and quite rare round here. Seen during one of our local Botany Group field expeditions!

This afternoon two of our committee are attending one of the regular meetings of representatives from all the nine volunteer area groups within the Somerset Wildlife Trust.  I've been to several of these over the recent years and they always give an opportunity to share news , meet friends in other groups and to discuss common problems around the county.
Hot topics this time , common to most voluntary groups are:
recruiting volunteers to help run the groups programme of activities,
succession arrangements to assist a change of leadership of the group,
ways of communicating with the wider membership in our part of Somerset,
coping with responsibilities such as providing first aid cover for walks and other Health and Safety issues,
keeping up to date with wildlife conservation projects and debates
and many other issues from time to time.

The social contact is very important to maintain motivation. Its sometimes difficult to remain positive and optimistic with so many threats to wildlife in all its forms which are many and serious.

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