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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oil exploration in the Arctic.

Here in the UK many people will remember the comedy series Dad's Army, Whenever things went wrong the cry went up "we are all doomed". Well that was funny but drilling for oil in the arctic is not.
Despite a massive science  based report on man made climate change from the UN the world is still pushing on with extracting as much fossil fuel as it can find.  Then burning it.

So support for organisations like Green Peace is one of the  few ways for ordinary people to express their dismay at the damage being caused to the only planet we have.

Here is a recent email from Greenpeace for your consideration.

Hi David,
“I have been shaking for most of the last 48 hours. I oscillate between fear, disbelief and panic.”
This is what Kieron Bryan wrote in a letter to his family last week. Kieron is one of the 30 people currently being held in Russian prison facing piracy charges.
It has been exactly three weeks since Russian agents boarded the Arctic Sunrise and arrested all 30 people on board. Now, they are all being held in Russian prisons. Many of them are being kept in freezing cold cells for 23 hours a day, with just one hour out for exercise.
The support team in Murmansk is working around the clock to ensure they receive care packages with food and books to make life a little bit more comfortable for them. But what they need more than anything is continued pressure from millions so we can get them released.
Over 1.2 million of us have already written to Russian embassies around the world demanding the release of the Arctic 30. Let's double that. Please forward this email to at least three friends and ask them to write to the Russian embassy.
This week, our international director, Kumi Naidoo, wrote to President Putin offering himself up as a guarantor for the Arctic 30. He pledged to move his life to Russia for the duration of this affair if the Arctic 30 were released on bail.
Countless human rights and legal experts have come forward to say the piracy charges against the Arctic 30 are unfounded and ludicrous. High profile people from Stephen Fry to Bianca Jagger and Jude Law have publicly voiced their support for the Arctic 30.
Let’s get them out! Please forward this to your friends and ask them to send an email to demand the release of the Arctic 30.
Thank you for all your support in the past three weeks.

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