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Friday, October 25, 2013

Oil drilling in the Arctic. Does it matter to me?

This is not a matter which our wildlife group has discussed and is entirely my own initiative.

Does it matter to me?  Yes it does Its a no brainier!  So much so I support Greenpeace in their campaign to stop it happening.
I've sent off my small contribution by signing their petition. Very few people will read this, very few will take any action. I don't know,  but I hope someone does.

This is a letter from Greenpeace.

Hi there,
I've just signed a petition to help free 30 people being held in Russia for peacefully protesting against Arctic oil drilling. Can you help as well?
When activists attempted to scale energy giant Gazprom’s oil rig in September, the company made a call to Russian special forces to intervene. 24 hours later, armed commandos had illegally boarded the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise and arrested all 30 people on board. All 30 people are now in prison facing trumped-up hooliganism charges.
Gazprom clearly has influence with the authorities and it now must step up and help to release the Arctic 30. But it will only do that if it feels pressure from places where it is affected the most: its financial partners.
Gazprom is on the brink of signing an important deal with Shell, who have promised to provide technology and expertise to their Arctic drilling programme. Gazprom also depends on maintaining good relationships with the companies it sells its oil and gas to overseas, which make up a whopping 65% of Russia’s income from exports.
Shell and other companies will think twice about partnering with a company that is involved in silencing peaceful protest. Asking Shell and Gazprom’s other partners to put pressure on Gazprom will help free the Arctic 30.
Please join me and sign the petition.

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