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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Somerset Wildlife Trust reserves news

News of a botanical survey in 2012  at this Somerset Wildlife Trust reserve
Langford Heathfield Nature Reserve
There is much to explore at Langford Heathfield, Somerset Wildlife Trust’s second largest nature reserve, at 226 acres. It is the reserve’s varied landscape, which includes ancient woodland, heathland and ponds, that makes it a Mecca for such a variety of wildlife. For a sheet giving directions for a walk of one or two hours, click here.

An article by David Northcote-Wright in this issue of the Arion, the magazine of Butterfly Conservation, has interesting things to say about Langford Heathfield.

Look here to see a lovely website showing the results of a survey carried out throughout 2012 which resulted in 4,000 records of about 40 interesting plants, with maps showing their distribution within 10 metre squares

For more information:          Go to:

Photo: Christine Loudon

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