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Monday, February 11, 2013

Somerset County Council and Natural Environment Services

A follow up on my post on 8th Feb.

Simon Nash was  talking to BBC Somerset on Thursday 7.2.13 about a meeting he had had with the Leader of the County Council on the issue of proposed cuts to essential environmental services.

It seems pretty obvious that the Council were considering the redundancy of Ecologist working for the Council where their job is to advise the Council on development projects and similar situations. If the Council doesn't employ specialists then it will be unable to fully understand what  the environmental consequences will be of any of its decisions which affect the whole County of Somerset!

You can listen to his interview with Matt Faulkner on BBC Iplayer for three more days. BBC Somerset are very helpful in tracking down when these items come on air. Here is the reply I got to my enquiry with a link to the programme. Go to 2hr and 2min into the programme and it starts with an interview with  John Osman Leader of the County Council followed by Simon Nash:


The interview with Simon took place at 8.30am on the morning of Thursday, 7th Feb. You can listen back to it via the iPlayer – Just search back for Thursday’s Breakfast with Matt Faulkner, the interview will be around two hours in.

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Subject: Re SCC cuts and Simon Nash, Wildlife Trust CEO

Please let me know the programme and time that this news item was on the air?
David German

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