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Friday, June 08, 2012

Do Bats fly in the day time?

Did you see the BBC Spring Watch programme last night. They talked about comments from a viewer who had filmed a bat flying in daylight. You should be able to see the programme again on iPlayer.
Suggested explanations were given including bad weather and a cold previous night, lack of insects flying at night and a hungry bat.  It was not thought to be a good plan for a bat as they become an easy target for predatory birds.
I'll look at the web site for the programme which can be found at this link.   click here:
or use this web address

On the recorded programme you need to move the time marker along to 13. 40 min and the item runs until 15.40 min

You can also go to my earlier post on 12th September  2006.  The label link should work to take you to it.
I've just checked the bat lable and was surprised how many posts I've made on the subject!

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