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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Somerset Lichen Project

SsJsSomerset Lichen Project

Spent the day on a workshop to find out something about Lichens as I have been photographing them in my garden. Recommend all to get involved in this project.  Where ever you live in the UK the Natural History Museum will be pleased to get records from you.
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Press notice:

SERC are currently organising the Somerset Lichen Project in partnership with the British Lichen Society.
Lichens are indicators of air quality and they can be found everywhere, in a variety of habitats.
Lichen species range between Nitrogen-sensitive or Nitrogen-intolerant species, to Nitrogen-loving species which flourish in polluted environments and Nitrogen- Intermediate species which can be found in both environments. Thus, depending on the diversity and abundance of the lichen species present at a given location air quality and consequently habitat quality can be determined.
With this project we aim to:
- Promote the significance of the presence of Lichens in Somerset.
- Get more people involved in lichen identification and recording across the County of Somerset.
- Collect up-to-date lichen records in Somerset with the invaluable help of volunteer recorders.
- Use the records collected to determine air quality within Somerset.
- Pass specialist identification skills to as many people as possible and to younger generations.
- Get more people involved with the local Somerset Lichen Group and the British Lichen Society.
- Contribute our results to the National OPAL Air Survey (
- Promote lichen ‘spotting’ and recording to the wider public across Somerset, engaging local communities.
- Develop a good framework for collecting lichen records for the years to come to build up a whole picture for the County of Somerset.

If you are interested to get involved with the project please e-mail or ring 01823 652424 / 01823 664450.
Your help as a volunteer recorder will be vital for making this project a success.
Please join us at one of the Free Basic Lichen Identification Training Workshops on:
Saturday 17th March 2012 at SWT Callow Rock Offices, Cheddar. Times: 10.00 am to 16.00 pm
Sunday 18th March 2012 at Fyne Court, Quantocks. Times: 10.00 am to 16.00 pm
Advanced Lichen Identification Training Workshop:
Sunday 25th March 2012 at Nettlecombe Court, Exmoor. Times: 10.00 am to 16.00 pm
Booking for the workshops is essential. Please book on or ring 01823 652424 / 01823 664450. Details can be also found here.
The basic workshops will include an introduction to lichens and their ecology and how to collect and identify lichen specimens. The workshops will include an outdoor session in the afternoon.
At each of the basic training workshops attendees will be provided with a survey pack including a hand lens and survey forms to carry out lichen recording on their own convenience, visiting as many locations as they like.
The basic workshops are open to all and at the end of each workshop attendees will have the essential skills to carry out lichen recording.
People who attended one of the basic workshops are welcome to attend, if they like, also the advanced workshop at Nettlecombe Court, where we will extend our knowledge in using a microscope to observe lichen features in further detail.
Apart from the workshops a publicly open event (BioBlitz) is currently being organised and further details will be posted out soon.
SERC will collect all lichen records and verify them in collaboration with the British Lichen Society. A microscope and a comprehensive lichen identification book will be located at the SERC office in Wellington for volunteers to use, if they wish to.
The project is supported by Natural England.

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