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Thursday, August 18, 2011


When someone appears on my Blog as a follower I am always curious to find out a bit about them. Why choose my Blog to follow , what do they Blog about and what are their interests etc.
The newest arrival is a Blog called Sunflower Haven based in Connecticut US.( URL  Ignoring any thoughts that this might not be the sort of Blog I would want to know about I checked it out so to speak.
This is all just first impressions but does lead to something interesting.
This blog covers hand made jewelry and not especially of interest to me but  it does have posts on the subject of Bugs and photographs which are of interest.
Also I noticed the Blogs Sunflower Haven follows and one is called Bug Eric and this turns out to be a
pprofessional writer and entomologist.  His Blog says: 
The Blogger is Eric R. Eaton,  a professional writer and entomologist, principal author of the Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America. Eric says that he  has built a loyal following as a volunteer for,, and

I'll leave you to follow up on this if you are as curious as I am. Eric's Blog looks very interesting to me, is full of some very attractive insects with good photographs and if he lived in Somerset I would be more than  interested in hearing one of his talks.

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