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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sustainable development.

 These are the grounds of Marston House near Frome the venue for the SWT AGM in 2008,
Chris Baines was the main speaker and gave a very stimulating presentation on " green infrastructure".

Following my rather haphazard policy of blogging anything at all connected with the natural environment, otherwise known as wildlife, I am showing details of a conference. Its being run by a consultancy which I came across when they were part of the Somerset Wildlife Trust AGM  two or three years ago. On that basis I think they are playing a useful part in helping to resolve 21 st century dilemmas. If you have been to one of their conferences I would like to hear from you. Such events cost money and probably only attract people working in the conservation world. Not me for instance, but it is good to see such work going on. As they say : "dialogue matters".

From:  dialogue matters ltd

Natural Connections - achieving more with less across rural & urban landscapes

Date: Thurs 17th March 2011
Location: SOAS, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG

Green Infrastructure <> Natural Linkages &
lt;> Landscape Scale Change

This conference is about natural or semi natural networks that are managed,
enhanced, created and designed to have multiple functions and deliver
multiple benefits for people and nature. 
This thinking is at the heart of planning “Green infrastructure” for
sustainable development in urban and rural areas, core to the best 
landscape scale projects,causing a rethink in river management and how best
to manage protected landscapes and other areas.   Benefits can include
improved public health and quality of life, adaptation to climate change,
economic regeneration and growth, functional wildlife links, 
flood control, recreation, and a host of other benefits.  This agenda
also looks set to be an important element of the Natural Environment
White Paper. But with fewer resources to achieve all this, it has never been
more relevant  for public bodies, NGO’s, other interests and communities,
to all work together to achieve more with less.
Please join us on the 17th March 2011 to find out more about:
§   the latest news on the White Paper and other drivers
§   key concepts and evidence
§   approaches and methods that work
§   resources to help
§   inspiring success stories

Draft conference programme and booking form:

dialogue matters ltd
ecological and environmental stakeholder dialogue
designing <> facilitating <> training
Tel:       +44(0) 1233 813875

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